Puppy Training Pad Tips

Many pet owners find that puppy training presents many challenges. Whether attempting to teach their dog friend a new trick or that most important skill of puppy house training, finding common ground with a four-legged companion can be difficult. Though teaching a young dog how to shake hands can be rewarding, housebreaking is understandably more important. Though this time can be challenging, the use of puppy training pads can make the transition from cleaning up frustrating messes into proper puppy potty training success.

Puppy training pads are thin, absorbent mats that can be used to help young dogs learn the proper place for eliminations. Often, the use of the pad involves directing the animal to use that spot, then slowly moving the pad closer and closer to the exterior door, eventually moving the pad outside before discontinuing its use entirely once the puppy has learned the proper place for his or her bathroom needs. This method is often used in conjunction with puppy crate training so that puppies are not left unsupervised. For entirely indoor dogs, dogs whose owners reside in apartments, or dogs in poor health, these pads can be used in a more permanent fashion as their potty place.

To make housebreaking as pleasant as possible, it is recommended that whatever the chosen method, the pet owner keeps the experience positive. Puppies want very much to please their humans, so using gentle words, treats, and kindness will work better than screaming when the puppy makes a mess away from his or her pad. On a similar vein, keeping a watchful eye over the pet will help. If a young dog can be spotted before he or she eliminates in the inappropriate place and taken over to the pad or outdoors, this will reinforce the idea of going where he or she should. If, however, the puppy manages to have an accident when the owner is not watching, it is best that they stay calm, and work on ways that they can better keep an eye on the puppy around times that he or she may need to potty.

When entering the task of puppy housebreaking, having the proper knowledge and materials available can be a great help in forming a lasting bond with a new pet. Puppy training pads can be an excellent resource for a new pet owner in making sure that the experience is as stress-free, quick, and pleasant as possible.

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