Puppy Potty Training on Command – How to Get Sure Fire Results

Puppy potty training on command is an easy technique using a voice cue to quicken elimination. Most puppies can be taught to relieve themselves on command. This is much easier than you may think.

Advantages to on Command Training

On command dog, potty training will prevent spending a lot of time waiting for your pup to do his business. This technique can be very helpful if the weather is horrible. Other advantages are when you are traveling with your best friend and you are on a time schedule.

The words you say will eventually act to trigger desired behavior. Each time you take your dog potty (every hour) say, “Outside” and take him to “his potty spot”. Soon he will learn what this command means.

Praise and Reward

When you are outside, use any phrase that suits you – “Hurry up,” “Get busy,” “Do your business,” or some other socially acceptable, euphemistic eliminatory command. Before long, when you say “hurry up” she will squat. Quietly praise your canine friend as she goes and says something like “Good Job.”

Each time your dog does the right thing; enthusiastically use praise “Goooooooooood dog!” It may be a good idea to offer a food reinforcement or two – Input for Output – Praise and Reward. Puppy potty training is one of those times to pull out all the stops I use the Ferrari of dog treats – freeze-dried liver

Your puppy will more likely go potty if you stand still and let him circle around you on a leash. If your dog does not go after 5 minutes, no problem! Take him indoors and crate him for a half-hour or so. In a half-hour repeat the process. Eventually, your pup will do the right thing and you will be able to reward him.

If your dog inappropriately urinates inside in your presence, say “Outside” and take him to “his spot” immediately.

Dogs quickly learn that as soon as they eliminate, they are taken indoors and may hold it until they go back inside which is not the behavior you are aiming for. Alternatively, when your puppy has done his business, take him for a walk or play fetch with the ball as a reward! Most dogs, especially puppies, like the sights and smells of the outdoors. Your buddy will look forward to this and it will encourage him to rush through the elimination process.
Housebreaking Your Dog Made Easy

1. When not supervised, keep your pup confined.
2. Take your pup out on a leash every hour to the toilet area, instruct to eliminate using the chosen word, and allow 5 minutes to do so.
3. Praise your best buddy for a job well done. Use treats as well as a reward (walk or playtime) for a job well done.

By instructing your dog to eliminate beforehand and by rewarding for eliminating afterward, you will be teaching your best friend, “puppy potty training on command.” The key to house training is patients and consistency.

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