Puppy Training Games

This is why puppy training games work so well: all puppies have two characteristics in common: they all love to play, and they’re constantly learning, whether you realize it or not. Puppy training games are a great way to take advantage of these two characteristics. They allow you to build and strengthen the bond between […]

Tips on puppy training

Who hasn’t heard of dogs who master every command in doggy school, but once outside that school, won’t obey their owners any more? These dogs “walk” their owners, they bully all the family members, do anything to get attention like barking or destroying things. In fact, these dogs are controlling their owners and making their […]

Dog Click Training

For anyone looking to train a puppy or even an older dog, dog click training has fast been gaining in popularity due to its simple effectiveness and economical equipment. With click training, a dog learns to identify good behavior with the sound of a click, usually with the owner clicking before giving out a treat. […]