Basic puppy training

Basic puppy training is where it all begins. On this page, we describe two important items concerning basic puppy training, i.e. the ‘socializing period’ and ‘rules and boundaries’. 1. SOCIALIZING YOUR PUPPY From the third until the twelfth week, your puppy goes through a socializing period. During this period, anything or anybody your puppy comes in […]

Leash Training a Dog

A leash is a great dog training tool that can be used in multiple training scenarios. This is a must-have in the dog training world, without it you won’t be able to teach your dog properly. Let’s see why. Training your dog to sit To train your dog to sit, you should use one of two […]

Dog Training Biting

Every day thousands of people get bitten by dogs, many of them with severe injuries that require medical attention. Children are the ones most vulnerable to serious injuries, especially on the face. This is not a breed-related problem, although breeds can make a difference in training, this is a human problem because people must learn […]