Aggressive Dog Training: A Plan For Action

If you have an aggressive dog, then training he is critical. An aggressive dog is a social menace – and a volatile companion. Your dog may defend its bowl, growl at adults, bully puppies, bark at cars, snarl at strangers or lunge at other dogs. Regardless of what sparks your dog’s posture, aggressive dog training can help.

If your dog gets domineering or defensive, use some of the following aggressive dog training tips right away to tame your dog.

Become the Alpha leader. Often, a dog threatening behavior is an attempt to become the Alpha Leader. Your dog may be wired for dominance, challenging you for Alpha leadership. On the other hand, your dog may be afraid because it senses a lack of leadership and tries to fill the void by becoming the aggressive Alpha leader.

You will not be able to train your dog successfully, let alone work on aggressive dog training, without establishing Alpha leader status first.

Take your dog to the veterinarian.

A dog aggression problem can result from an undiagnosed health issue in your dogs such as a neurological problem, hormonal imbalance, lead poisoning, blood sugar imbalance or vitamin deficiency. Tell the veterinarian about the aggression symptoms and triggers so he knows to test for health problems that cause your dogs actions.

Aggressive dog training will not give lasting results if the underlying health problem does not get fixed first. Adjust the dog’s diet. Poor nutrition can cause troubling behavior and snap changes in attitude. Serve your dog high-quality, additive-free dog food.

If your dog eats canned dog food, its aggressive behavior might be inflamed by non-food fillers and few or no vitamins. Even some expensive dog foods are severely deficient. You can check your brand’s rating here.

Train your dog in obedience. Your dog will develop respect for you when you learn to enforce your commands and not let your dog ignore you. Obedience training teaches your dog to follow specific commands and shows you how to handle your dog so it understands what you want.

You will be able to get your dogs attention and reward it correctly when the dog behaves as you command. You will be able to control your dog without brute strength if you make obedience training part of your aggressive dog training plan.

Do not punish your dog- Your dog may lash out in fear, resulting in fear aggression. Do not add to your dog’s fears by using punishment to curb bad behaviors. Correct the wrong behaviors rather than punishing for them.  If you punish an aggressive dog, training with any kind of correction may make its behavior worse rather than cure it.

Bring in an aggressive dog training pro. If you are concerned that your dog may harm a person or another dog, seek a professional immediately.

There are experts in dog behavior who specialize in aggressive dog training. They help retrain your dog’s responses before your dog causes you serious problems. Don’t wait until it is too late. Your veterinarian can direct you to a specialist that will help.

Aggressive dogs are a serious problem. Aggression is not just a phase. It can lead to violence such as biting or attacks and results in a generally uncomfortable household. If your dog’s behavior gives you pause, start aggressive dog training right away.

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